The best baby-friendly cleaning products, according to parents

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What is it about pregnancy hormones that suddenly send you into overdrive, making you feel determined to throw out every toxic product away in your home, clean like crazy, and organize everything down to Tupperware lids? It’s like spring cleaning, but for nine months! 

Similar to spring, pregnancy comes with newness. Expecting parents begin to feel aspirations to become better, healthier versions of themselves. If you’re in the nesting phase, you might find yourself swapping out a plastic water bottle for a glass one, researching safer laundry detergent for newborn skin, and trying to find non-toxic cleaning products for your home. 

Well, you’re in luck! With extensive research, we’ve rounded up the seven most non-toxic cleaning products for your home. These products are tough (and safe) enough to wipe down Legos, a high chair, your diaper changing station, and everything in between. 

From one parent to another, you can use any of these with complete confidence to keep your little one safe. Ready for a non-toxic cleanup?

1. Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative has grown quite a following among families, and it’s easy to see why. For busy parents and parents-to-be, Grove removes the guesswork when you’re trying to go green, and their flexible, monthly subscription ensures you never forget to purchase the products you need for a non-toxic, clean home. Plus, their natural product marketplace meets strict standards for efficacy, non-toxic ingredients, and sustainability. What’s not to love when you’re inside a healthier home? 

2. Dropps

With cleaning solutions for both laundry and dishwasher, Dropps plant-based pods pack a powerful, non-toxic punch! The dishwasher pods cut through the messiest of toddler dinner plates, and the laundry detergent will freshen up even the biggest of blowouts or daycare-stained clothes. You can’t go wrong with these small but mighty cleaning pods. Sounds like a good match for your family!

 3. Seventh Generation

Also made with plant-based ingredients, Seventh Generation has a range of products for your whole home. From laundry detergent to liquid dish soap and more, these products are safer for your home and the planet. They even have fragrance-free options, which are best for newborn skin.

 4. Common Good

Common Good was launched to tackle the problem of excessive waste and uses only recyclable or reusable packaging. Their green cleaning products are child and pet safe. Plus, they will make your home smell amazing! Their soaps might be gentle, but they’re hardworking on any product or surface. They’re a parent favorite for washing baby bottles! 

 5. Marley’s Monsters

Step up your sustainable cleaning game with Marley’s Monsters UNpaper towels. These reusable cloth towels get more and more absorbent each time you wash. Use them for whatever you would paper towels: spilled milk, potty accidents, diaper changing pad, etc. Plus, they come in many prints, colors, or plain white to go with any kitchen (or baby nursery) aesthetic!

 6. Puracy

Puracy has everything you need for a naturally green home. Beyond their basic surface cleaners, they also have a line of carpet, upholstery, and stain removers. Trust me, as a new parent, you’re going to need a good stain remover for spilled milk and spit-up, and Puracy can help tackle both of these! Fun fact: Nine years ago, two best friends from Austin, Texas, started Puracy with a single goal – to make effective, plant-based cleaning and personal care products that were gentle enough to use around their newborn daughters. Puracy is the preferred choice inside our home.

7. Branch Basics

What’s not to love about fully biodegradable, fragrance-free, non-GMO, and natural ingredient cleaning products? Branch Basics is a great choice with little ones in the home. The detergent is powerful enough to handle baby blowouts (yup, get ready) yet gentle and safe enough not to irritate a newborn’s skin. Parents love the option to either buy the organic cleaners as is, or you can opt for the concentrate to fill up and clean on your own terms!

Branch Basics non-toxic cleaning

Whether in your green cleaning journey or the nesting phase of pregnancy, these safe cleaning products will help reduce the toxins in your home, creating a healthier space for you (and baby).

Interested in learning more about what's in your current cleaning products? Take a look at the Environmental Working Group, EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning.


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Sarah Hollingsworth is the Founder & CEO of Poppylist. After a difficult return to the workforce from maternity leave, Sarah decided to step away from her career to focus on family and health, and to pursue a new entrepreneurial journey. In July 2020, Sarah launched Poppylist—a simplified baby registry platform that helps parents be who they want to be, starting with the right products for their growing family. Sarah resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Scott, and two daughters, Amelia and Zoey.

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