The Sway gift guide: 2023 edition

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Sometimes you just need the guesswork taken out of gifting!

The holidays are an ideal time to share gifts with your family and friends that help them create a healthier home, practice self care, or meet themselves in the kitchen with more joy and inspiration than before. It's also a great opportunity to support conscious makers and brands that are creating products with the health of your loved ones and our planet at top of mind. 

Shop our mini guides below to find Sway-approved cookware that's both beautiful and non-toxic, organic aprons and bathrobes, home health tech and a whole lot more!

Curated with care for you by Jennifer & Addie. 


For the self care savant

Be With Your Body Tarot Deck + Guidebook: This absolutely beautiful deck makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who could use a self-love reminder. “By strengthening your connection to your body, you can finally be free to focus on literally anything else.” I keep mine in my office for card pulling and mini meditations. ($54 with 10% discount code BWYBT10, or save 25% on Small Business Saturday with code SBS25)

Alice Mushroom Chocolates: Mushrooms are having a moment—and we have on good authority that these are a panacea for troubled sleepers. Or, you can choose Alice’s focus & energy variety for friends that need a little boost. ($29) 

P. F. Candle Co.: A long time fave, these candles made the Sway list of “better for you” candles this year (they’re crafted from 100% soy wax, phthalate-free fine fragrance oil, and a cotton wick) and are priced right. There’s truly a scent for everyone in their repertoire and their minimal branding matches every home, making them an excellent go-to for the hard-to-shop-for folks on your list. We opt for Amber & Moss around these parts, but choose your own adventure! ($27)

Vertly Muscle Soak Bath Salts: Co-founder Claudia Mata says, “Slowing down just makes you feel better.” These should do the trick. Made with natural botanicals and high potency hemp for skin detox and overall recovery after a long day, these bath salts are stocked by Credo, our trusted source for vetted beauty and skincare products made without chemicals of concern. ($24)


For the homebody

Ghia non-alcoholic aperitif: Ghia looks beautiful on the counter and elevates any night in. It's very drinkable: a small crew of us finished a bottle long before the night was over at my last gathering! This is a thoughtful holiday gift for your Dry January pals. ($38)

Coyuchi Unisex Organic Waffle Robe: Made from 100% cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), this is a soft but sturdy robe ideal for lounging. And it comes in nine colors! ($98)

Mountain House by Nina Freudenberger: A coffee table book full of cozy mountain homes is perfect for cozy homebodies. Nina’s brand new book launches in late November but is available for pre-order now. ($40)

BKR insulated cup: A sleeker alternative to the viral Stanley cup, BKR’s new insulated cups are made from glass with silicone sleeves. They’re lovely to look at, come in a range of colors and sizes (I personally like the 12 oz. variety as a perfectly sized at-home latte cup) and are made from all the right materials. You can sip your morning coffee straight from the lid, or add a straw which makes this cup ideal for all-day hydration, too. ($38)


For the magician in the kitchen

Phoenicia Diner Cookbook: The upstate NY diner that needs no introduction has a fabulous cookbook that is fit for the holidays and a year ahead of indulgent weekend breakfasting. Give it to someone who will cook you up biscuits or hash right away. ;) ($28) 

Diaspora Co. Spice Trio: Diaspora Co. sources South Asia’s freshest single-origin spices while growing a more equitable spice trade. You can grab the greatest hits in this trio or build your own spice set to create a custom bundle for giftees—heads up that their garlic powder “literally tastes like garlic bread” and is something you should probably treat yourself to, too. ($31)

Coyuchi Sonoma Textured Organic Apron: Yes, chef! For home cooks who desire a pitch perfect apron, in color and materials: made from 100% organic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). ($58)

Smithey No. 8 Chef Skillet: Cast iron is among the safest surfaces you can cook on, and Smithey’s “modern heirlooms” make it look GOOD. This is a pan with chef cred that even seasoned (pun intended) home cooks will covet. ($110)


For the host with the most

Company by Amy Thielen: One of Food and Wine’s favorite cookbooks of Fall 2023, we’ve referenced this one over and over, and even got to collab with Amy in our recent Dinner Party Giveaway! It’s the quintessential guide to hosting a dinner party, with a bevy of menus to choose and cook from. ($28)

Greentree Home Candle, 10” Rope Tapers: You won’t even need to wrap these beautiful beeswax tapers, featured earlier this year in our guide for go-to candles and available in an array of colors. ($28)

Bed Threads, Scalloped Linen Napkins: Made from flax linen and certified to OEKO-TEX, these funky table linens are design-forward & consciously created. ($70)

Material, The Cloud Pitcher: A sculptural piece that makes cocktail hour or even just refreshing a guest’s water glass more of a party. ($95)


For the out & about 

Afoot & Lighthearted: A Journal For Mindful Walking: Being out and about doesn’t have to be about going far. For your fast-walking friends, this diary is designed to help bring more intention and awareness to their strolls and adventures, and even bust through creative blocks. ($15)

Avocado, Organic Mini Pillow: An uncomfortable flight or long car ride can turn the first day of vacay into a no-way! This is a very thoughtful buy for the frequent fliers, road trippers or train commuters in your life. TBH, we can't think of many places where we *wouldn't* use this. ($64)

Arber, Starter Sets: For all the gardeners on your lists, Arber is a female-founded plant care start-up that can help them get ready for growing season in style. ($35) 

Baggu, Puffy Water Bottle Sling: Ever tried carrying a heavy water bottle on a hike, or even a neighborhood walk? Water bottle slings are a way to hydrate and accessorize, and frankly a must-have for the hiking hobbyists in your life. I know for me, drinking more water is always something I could improve on…so maybe we could all use one. ($32)


And finally: Spendy gifts 

Our Place, Wonder Oven: Easily our hero appliance of 2023, IYKYK. The Wonder Oven is ideal for those in your life who haven’t yet discovered the magic of air fryers or countertop ovens. This one is 6-in-1 and may cause recipients to ignore their standard oven all together. The PFAS-free, non-stick finishes on the included baking sheet really set it apart, plus it’s just so fun to look at and use. ($170) 

Canopy Humidifier: A thoughtful gift for anyone who complains of dry skin in winter, Canopy’s Humidifier is made of parts that are dishwasher safe, so users don’t have to worry about mold accumulating. It uses paper filters and comes with (optional) phthalate-free aroma oils to diffuse while the humidifier is working as a nice little bonus. ($150) 

Loftie Lamp: This hue lamp simulates sunset in the evening and dawn in the morning, providing a gentle wind-down and wake-up with science-backed benefits. It also has a therapeutic red light mode. ($199)

Caraway, Monochrome Collection: Another non-stick pan brand listed on the Green Science Policy Institute's list of PFAS-free products, Caraway’s monochrome collection with Tan France was the most beautiful cookware drop of the year and makes a luxe and lovely gift for someone who appreciates a coordinated kitchen. ($495)


Happy gifting! ✨

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